August 14, 2011

Patterns: Smile for the camera (again)

Embroidered Diana Camera Skirt

Embroidered Diana Camera Skirt stitched by Sew Lovely

I don't know about anyone else but personally I struggle sometimes with what to do with my embroidery, my pieces usually end up on cushions and I think my husband would say that we now have way too many cushions! So I love this idea by Sew Lovely of making this gorgeous camera embroidery into a skirt pocket so much that I thought it was worth blogging about the Smile for the Camera pattern sheet again (originally blogged about here). I think if you know your way round a sewing machine reasonably well, this would be quite easy to do and would be a lovely way to personalise a skirt!

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  1. That's gorgeous... what a lovely idea!

  2. y'know, that's a really groovy idea (^_^) i just made my first skirt recently & i'd love to play around with embroidered pockets!

    Thankyou for the inspiration =)

    Chloe x

  3. Just what I need to start doing after I finish covering the walls and couches!

  4. Exactly what I struggle with - what do I do with my embroidery. I just decided that I can do smaller pieces and possible make patches for jeans with them. That would be sweet. Another friend is making mandalas - bunches of squares and hopefully turning it into a quilt! Big aspiration - and lovely!