October 29, 2014

Book Review: Colorful Stitchery

Colorful Stitchery may look a bit familiar to some of you, and that's because it is a reissue from 2005. Roost Books has revamped the book but it still holds up and may be even better than before. 

The projects in the book are great for beginner to advance stitchers, so there is something for everyone. One of the things I love about the author, Kristin Nicholas is that she not only gives us great projects, she explains the tools and techniques needed. Her book offers clear, easy to understand directions. I felt as if I had her in the room with me, guiding me through each step. 

The only problem I have with this book is which project to start with first! Do I stitch the embroidery blanket or maybe the chicken scratch pillow...decisions, decisions! Do yourself a favor and go to your favorite book store and demand Kristin Nicholas' Colorful Stitchery. You can thank me later. 

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