April 10, 2015

Diary of an Intern: Julia at Hand and Lock, week 3

During my work placement I have been consistently inspired and sometimes overwhelmed. From the environment to the array of exquisite samples and materials, there is continually something which whets my creative appetite.

Diary of an Intern at Hand and Lock

Hand & Lock’s quintessentially English meeting room is known in-house as the ‘bead room’. Its walls are decorated with lush embroidery samples and military regalia. Ceiling-high cabinets line the edge of the room and house a vast variety of beads and an extensive collection of samples. I believe it could take a day or two to peruse through the entire archive. Each design is different and almost every type of embroidery is displayed. It’s such a pleasure to be able to thumb through such a beautiful collection. I quietly imagine the ways I could apply some of these techniques and styles to my own work and how I could adapt them. Although I will have to learn how to execute them first.

Certainly another great inspiration for me is the array of materials. It’s also interesting to learn why each piece is selected for use. One reason is that the fabrics, beads, threads and other decorative objects all project a particular impression and impact and the way that they interact with each other also plays an integral factor. I am also noticing how a particular material can be fundamental to a design. In using an object which is not commonly adopted in couture embellishment the unusual texture and shapes can project a different effect.

For instance, the Hand & Lock embellishments created for the Louis Vuitton and Terence Koh limited-edition menswear collection incorporate paint brush bristles and only the metal casings from gemstones:

Terence Koh design

The collection features lavish and extraordinary designs by the artist Terence Koh and the unusual materials used by the Hand & Lock team complements the artist’s quirky style.

Terence Koh jacket design
Terence Koh jacket design

Most importantly, a primary source of inspiration for me is the environment itself and the people in it. When I take a moment to look around the atelier I see inspiration at every angle. Creativity almost pulses under its beams.

Hi, I'm Julia! Based in Amsterdam, I am an embroidery enthusiast with a life long passion for textiles. I will be contributing during my work placement at the prestigious Hand and Lock a London based, embroidery and embellishment company with 250 years of heritage.

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