May 10, 2019

Project a Month: Stitchalong with Beth Colletti

Project a Month May - Stitchalong with Beth Colletti as featured by floresita on Feeling Stitchy

The moment I saw this Mother's Day Stitchalong pattern by Beth Colletti, I knew I had to stitch it. The quote is from Proverbs 31, and I knew it wasn't chance that I had just come across this passage in my Bible and had been meditating on it. It didn't matter that I was in the middle of stitching last month's pattern, I just did double stitching duty! :)

Mothers Day Stitchalong pattern by Beth Colletti as featured by floresita on Feeling Stitchy

I loved this quote, I loved the lettering, and I was fascinated (and terrified by) that Pekinese stitch border. But this is the year that I pledged to just try new stitches, even if they terrify me.

What's the worst that can happen? I don't do well at the stitch, or don't like it? The best thing about stitching is you can just pick it all out and start all over again... So I purchased my pattern from Beth's store and started on it right away!

Stitching along with Beth Colletti
Again, I used the DMC Water Erasable pen I showed you last month, and was really pleased with the clear lines.

I laid my fabric on top of the pattern and traced- it was see through enough that I didn't need a light source behind it.

I made sure to snap a photo of the fabric I used, as I sometimes get questions on that...

Stitching along with Beth Colletti

I picked this Ecru Fat quarter at Wal-Mart during some late-night shopping. I think it set me back a whole 97 cents, it's large enough for several projects, and there's lots of colors available. I am so glad I started embroidering on quilting cotton! I guess it's a totally duh statement, but it took me long enough to try it, and I'm so happy with the results.

Stitching along with Beth Colletti

Stitching this pattern was so much fun - I love the vivid greens in Beth's color palette, and the way you blend two different floss colors for a lovely effect, like on that pink flower:

Stitching along with Beth Colletti

Stitching along with Beth Colletti

My favorite element, which drew me to this pattern had to be the lettering!

Stitching along with Beth Colletti

The technique looks complicated but it isn't - go to Beth's IG for detailed videos on how to stitch the lettering: @bethcolletti.

If you are stitching this pattern, make sure you have at least 2 skeins of floss for the lettering - I ran out midway and had to buy more. :)

Stitching along with Beth Colletti

Here it is, almost finished, all that's left to add is the border.

And because I spent a hilariously long day stitching and re-stitching different border options, I will leave that for another post! Because honestly I am still not sure what border to go with yet, ha ha!

Join Beth Colletti's Stitchalong!

If you love this pattern, it is available in Beth Colletti's store. Beth has posted lots of helpful videos on her Instagram to walk you through each element of this design, don't miss those: @bethcolletti.

See you next week, when I'll (hopefully) show you my finished stitching!

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