May 21, 2007

Featured Book: The New Crewel

Artist Katherine Shaughnessy has introduced modern design to the traditional world of crewel in her book, The New Crewel: Exquisite Designs in Contemporary Embroidery.

Katherine hopes "to honor the old and celebrate the new, weaving the traditional crewelwork methods and materials of the past with the modern sensibilities and design elements of today." She has done just that; this book is filled with beautiful designs that reflect a new generation of stitchers who enjoy tradition but want a fresh approach. The New Crewel introduces the reader to crewel, the history of this form of stitchery, and then the basics of construction. And one of the basic questions posed is, "What is crewel?" Katherine explains that crewelwork is the art of embroidery using wool thread stitched on linen fabric.

The New Crewel is designed for stitchers of all levels. The basics of embroidery that include: materials, tools, techniques, and a variety of stitches are all addressed and provide the basis for completing any of the thirty designs supplied in the book. Project ideas are also featured from crewel greeting cards to an eyelet hole lampshade. The rich texture of the wools, the beautiful linen fabric, and the clean design make an inspirational palette that any stitcher could enjoy. Thumbs Up!

...And here are some flickr members that have been enjoying the book, Amanda, Wendy, and me!

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  1. i love this book, it's one of my favorite embroidery books. her disigns are so pretty and whimsical :)