May 10, 2007

Show us your backside!

The backside of your embroidery, that is. :) This topic came up just the other day, which sent some of us scrambling to our projects to inspect our backsides. And I just want to take a minute to reassure everybody, really, your backside is ok. When you give a gift, do you think your friends are going to flip it over and say "ewwww"? No, they're too busy marveling at your amazing crafty prowess!

But, it doesn't hurt to keep your backsides neat and trim, like professor frenchie's...

For great tips on keeping your project backs spic and span, visit Primrose Design. Be sure to read all of Janet's Stitch School posts to really get schooled! And for those of you wondering (like I used to), "Come on, it's the back - how neat can it really look" - check out SheenaRamone's amazing stream.

Love your backside
Embroidery Back
But the main point of today's post is not backside envy. Love your backside, even if it's not perfect.
Have faith that the person fortunate enough to view your backside is too busy being amazed by your talent and beauty to notice an occasional lump or messy line.
And, show us your backside (ahem, embroidered, remember) here:

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  1. backsides are BEAUTIFUL. thanks for showing us yours:)

    portland maine

    let me say, again, how much i heart this blog.

  2. I love how this topic is taking off ( really I think the double entendre is quite amusing for my immature mind). I'll take some photos of my backside this weekend when the light is good. Ha! I love it.

  3. Thanks so much for including my "backside"! I guess I'm a serious control freak if I worry that much about what it looks like. I promise to lighten up ;)

  4. Maggie, Sally, and Frenchie, I'm so glad you enjoy a little immature humor, since that has been my staple form of humor since birth! :)

    Backsides rule! :)

  5. Thanks for the mention and link! I didn't use to worry so much about my backside but, since I did that post, I'm always thinking about it :)

  6. Ha ha Janet, thanks for stopping by, and for your helpful post! I've been attending your Stitch School ever since I found it! ;)