July 7, 2008

Banner Contest Update!

Good afternoon, stitchers!
I'm so glad that I didn't have the difficult task of narrowing down the banner entries to five finalists! No, that job fell to the one and only Jenny Hart.

Jenny emailed me her picks for the top five, and I have contacted each of the five finalists via flickrmail - so if you received an email from me, please contact me as soon as possible....and congratulations to you!

We will be announcing one finalist each day next week, and posting a mini interview with each of them. After that, the rest of you get to vote for your favorite. The winner will receive lots of cool prizes!

Mainly, I just wanted to brag that Jenny Hart personally emailed me. Because that was pretty cool.


1 comment:

  1. i really like this contest! i liked many of the entries so i'm excited to see who the final five are and put my vote in! i think this contest is a good idea because it gives crafters an opportunity to show their work and get more readers and more exposure. i hope to run across another contest like this. maybe i'll enter it this time!