June 17, 2009

Reuse! Recon! Revamp!

News from Craftster land! There is a new needlework challenge and the theme is reuse, recon, revamp. The theme was inspired by Maker Faire, San Mateo.

Reuse, Recon, Revamp
June 17th-July 17th
Posting your project July 18th-22nd
Voting July 23nd-28th
Winner Announced July 29th

We all have items laying around the house that we know we can make something out of or stitch something on. Now's your chance to do that and win some prizes! Do you have an old lamp shade that's just dying to be stitched on? What about a dated cross stitch that you found at a thrift store that needs to be updated? Let's see what those creative minds have in store for us!

The Specifics:
Post your craft during the period of July 18th-22nd. No sooner. No later.
Voting will happen from July 23-28th

On July 29th (pacific time) a winner will be announced

Each participant can enter ONE project.

The stitching can be any size and any style of needlework.

It has to be a current piece. It can not be something that you have already made and posted.

Prize: To be announced (want to donate? Contact me)

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