February 7, 2010


Wow! It's great to be here. My name is Jo, otherwise known as Mrs. Lacer and I will be blogging here on Feeling Stitchy, every Sunday, about new (or relatively new) embroidery patterns out there. One of the many things I love about embroidery is how many great embroidery patterns are being created; both commercially from small businesses and independent sellers and as lovely freebies from the embroidery community as a whole. So, my aim is to highlight at least one new commercially available pattern and one new free pattern a week.

To start off, I thought I'd go for a bit of a bird theme, I've had fun this week embroidering patterns from Etsy seller revidevi, who is currently holding a 'Buy 3 Get 1 Free' sale. Her patterns are sent out as .pdfs. The .pdfs I received were all seven pages long and featured the design repeated in bold line, reversed, reduced and with colour suggestions.

I've already embroidered revidevi's Birdncity design, the city buildings beneath the bird were very fun to do and I'm currently embroidering Weird Tree and Birds, which has some fantastic curves (I don't know about anyone else, but I love embroidering smooth, curved lines!).


'Weird Tree and Birds' in progress

Most of revidevi's designs feature birds and / or trees, so definitely a pattern shop to check out if you like those sort of things (I do!).

Now onto the featured free pattern; I found this one specially for those still searching for some Valentine's inspiration; Sibling Craftery have a lovely sheet of free embroidery designs, specially for Valentine's Day, featuring lots of different hearts, a pair of cute dogs and these two 'tweet hearts', which I've embroidered up for my husband's Valentine card!

Hi, I'm Jo - I feature new embroidery patterns Sundays on Feeling Stitchy. I also post on our Twitter and Pinterest.

Is there a new pattern you'd like us feature? Email me!


  1. Great topic for a Sunday blog. I was wondering if you could share with us your favorite technique for transferring the patterns to the fabric?

  2. Awww Thanks so much for the link to my pattern! I look forward to your Sunday posts! :)

  3. Love the weird tree and birds. Looking forward to seeing what you find!

  4. wow fantastic finds-I keep meaning to make my own PDF embroidery patterns-but have no idea where to start really!! One day I'm sure I'll work it out!

  5. Hi everyone

    Thanks for all your comments!

    Sarah - my favourite method for transferring patterns to fabric is using a light box. It is my favourite embroidery tool and I swear my embroidery has improved since using one. In the UK at least, you can get them relatively cheaply on Ebay, mine is only a small one (about the size of a big paperback) but even then, with a careful bit of shifting around, you can transfer most patterns by printing out your pattern on paper, laying the fabric on top and marking the design with a water soluble pen.


  6. Thanks for showing that link to ravidevi just brought 4 patterns