February 16, 2010

Rebekah's Stitchette Quilt

Happy Tuesday, stitchers!

As I mentioned in my self-introductory post, sewing & quilting was my "gateway drug" into the online crafty world. In fact, my first experiences with discovering and reading blogs was when I stumbled upon some wonderfully inspirational quilting sites like Amanda Jean's (now, sadly, defunct) Crazy Mom Quilts site and modern quilter Jacquie's Tallgrass Prairie Studio site.

But there was one blog that I was drawn back to again and again because of this crafter's beautiful aesthetic and her plentitude of amazing projects: Rebekah's blog, dontcallmebecky.

Rebekah is a jack-of-all-trades crafter -- at once a sewer, quilter, embroiderer, and knitter ... the girl can do it all. And she does it all with impeccable taste and an enviable sense of style. Case in point: check out this quilt that, because of its simple beauty, convinced me that quilting was something I could actually attempt. Oh, and it also prompted my first purchase of Denyse Schmidt fabrics. I hope to make a quilt just like this one day ...

Handkerchief Corners Quilt courtesy of jrcraft

But I digress. Since this is an embroidery blog, I wanted to share a favorite project of mine from Rebekah's collection. Take a look at this quilt featuring all 16 of the "Four Season Stitchette" patterns by Wee Wonderfuls. I love how Rebekah used a basic quilt square to really feature her amazing stitching, and selected a bright palette of fabrics that really complements the tone of the illustrations.

Stitchette Quilt courtesy of jrcraft

This project really opened my eyes to the endless creative possibilities that can happen when you combine embroidery and quilting. Isn't it an amazing creation?

Stitchette Quilt courtesy of jrcraft

You can read more about this quilt here.

Oh, and speaking of firsts, this pillow (made by Rebekah for her sister) was my first ever exposure to the world of Sublime Stitching ... and, after seeing this, I promptly placed my first order! It's been downhill ever since ...

Kurt Halsey Pillow courtesy of jrcraft

I just wanted to feature it because I love it so much!

Here's a link to all of Rebekah's embroidery posts from her blog -- she's got so many other amazing projects that I could go on & on ... but too much to feature in just one post.

Go take a quick visit to see what Rebekah's up to over at dontcallmebecky ... and tell her I said "hi"!


  1. Wow...you took the words right out of my mouth. Rebekah's blog is what brought my crafting mojo back as well...and it was due in large part to that beautiful quilt. I too bought some Denyse Schmidt fabric immediately thereafter and made my first quilt...a very very similar version of hers. Cheers~

  2. I also made a stitchette quilt a few years ago also, I just love those patterns!

  3. thanks so much for the great feature, John! It's so much fun to see my work here on the blog...I'm a regular follower and want to get back into more embroidery soon