June 25, 2011

Pearl and the Beard Giveaway!

I am always up for a good giveaway, how about you guys? So when I was contacted about giving away the newest CD from a Brooklyn-based band called Pearl and the Beard, it only took my brain a second to say "okay!" But hey, I am pretty picky about my music, so I did some Youtube and internet research first, and I must say, I really like their sound.

Here's a free download of one of the tracks off their album, it's called "Reverend":

But of course, what really fascinated me about this CD was... the three person sweater, on the cover- hand-knitted by one of the band members. To prove that this is an actual sweater, and not Photoshop, here's Jocelyn, taking you through her studio and the construction of the sweater:

Aren't the colors she picked for it amazing? I wish I had those skills! Anyway, these guys are pretty adorable, and one of you lucky peeps can get their latest CD, Killing the Darlings.

All you gotta do is leave a comment here by Monday morning, 9 AM (US) Central time. And what I'd like to know in your comment is - what's the weirdest knitted item / sweater you've ever seen / made? Extra points of course, if you link to a photo and extra-extra points if you made it yourself. :) But either way, it's random, so just give it a try if you want to check out this awesome CD! Thanks, Pearl and the Beard, for sharing this with us!!!

For more on Pearl and the Beard:

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  1. Ages ago, before I married this boyfriend, I knitted him a ski cap made from the hair of his family dog. You can tell, it's the 1970's. I took a spinning class and at some point, brushed the dog, and put two and two together: I spun yarn out of the dog hair then knitted the cap. He did not love it.

  2. Okay, the weirdest knitted item I ever saw was up at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts on Deer Isle, Maine back in the early 1970s. It looked like the udder of a cow with probably twenty teats, knitted in various colors and textures of yarns. My mother and I giggled at it and dubbed it the "Multiple Cow".

  3. I personally love the little knitted sweaters with an elephant on them where one of the sleeves is the trunk. Adorable!

  4. I saw a VW van and the entire thing was covered with a knitted cover-up. It was pretty amazing that someone took the time to do all that knitting for a car.

  5. I haven't really knit too many things and not too strange either. I knit an egg plant, cucumber, tomato, garlic and pea pod.

    Otherwise the strangest things I've ever seen knit were at an exhibit at Where Women Work in Austin, Texas. The exhibit was entirely of knit sculptures but for the life of me I can't remember the artist's name. One of the things was a deer head that pooled onto the floor and spread onto the ceiling.

  6. The weirdest knitted thing that I have seen was a pattern for a brains hat. I came across it on ravelry.com It looks surprisingly a lot like actual brains, which i find kinda creepy :~
    here's a photo of one of the hats.. not made by me but a member of ravelry

    tanyainjville at yahoo dot com

  7. For my first boyfriend I mada a looooooooooong skinny weast - who was planned to be a jumper. This was just awfull - and I was very young :-)

  8. The strangest thing I've ever seen knit is this homage sweater that Alice of futuregirl.com is making. It's based on a sweater someone bought at a thrift store and then took pictures of random people (including Wil Wheaton) wearing. Alice's version is for a stuffed monkey to wear, adding an extra layer of strange to the project. Links showing the posts discussing the project: http://www.futuregirl.com/craft_blog/labels/project%20-%20clown%20sweater.aspx

  9. When I was at art college I work on a project entitled 'Grannies'. I made a set of cardigans for my grandmother, each one was a manifestation of a family member. This was based on the fact that my nan would wear our old cast off clothes. My particular fave was the one I made that depicted my brother. He favourite pastime was annoying my grandmother and making her laugh. The cardigan had the features of a football jersey incorporated into it and, here's the kicker, the sleeves were stitched closed so she couldn't get her hands out - just as annoying as my brother!

  10. Fantastic music!

    I'm not sure that it's the weirdest, but I've seen some knitted ensembles (like, sweater, pants, etc) that are really odd. They make you wonder how someone thought that was a good idea...

  11. I can't knit, but I do remember seeing one of those overview pages for Guerilla Knitting. The coolest picture I saw there was the school bus wrapped in knitting!

  12. I did a series of dildo cozies for an alternative-sexuality conference I went to. All the cozies were shaped like vegetables - I did a carrot, a hot red pepper, a cucumber and I forget what else at this point. Most of the pictures have since been lost, but occasionally I'll run into someone who remembers watching me crochet them during and in-between workshops.