June 23, 2011

Stitchy and Nice

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Stitchy and Nice, a gallery on Flickr.
I have a wee favour to ask you! When you add your stitchy beauties to the Feeling Stitchy Flickr group, would make sure that anyone can blog the photos? Because, you see, I come across a lot of cool stuff there, but often the settings on the photos are such that only a link to it is available.

So if I want to post it, I have to contact the person to get a copy of the image or have them change the settings and such. I don't always have time for that, unfortunately, so I move on to the next photo, which will let me blog it.

It's up to you if you want to allow people to share your photos, of course! I get that there are reasons for not wanting to. All I'm sayin' is: we want to share your work, but sometimes we can't.

In cases where I can't blog a photo here on FS, I've taken to adding them to galleries on Flickr, so I have a "collection" of that I think is stitch and nice. ;-)

I'm going to post those from time to time, so all those stitchy niceries will get a wee bit of a shout out at least. :-)

Edited to add:
In case you do want to allow others to blog your Flickr images you can do so by following this link. :-)


  1. Carina, is having the Public setting On all that is needed? :)

  2. Good point! Also, I love the term "stitchy niceries"! :D

  3. Carina - Thanks so much for including my robot embroidery! But I'm mystified about why you can't blog it. I thought I had all my default settings at the most public and sharing they could be. Am I missing some key setting on Flickr?
    Sorry to ask such you a techie question about another site - but I've searched the Flickr forums and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Help?

  4. @Troublet: It needs to be changed on this page: http://www.flickr.com/account/prefs/blogging/

    @Zombie Leah: Thank you! ;-)

    @Wendi: Eh, heh, well, as it turns out I actually *am* able to blog your robot! My bad! :-)

  5. Thanks for letting me know Carina! I can never keep up with all the privacy changes on the different sites and Flickr has SO MANY different permission settings. It's a little crazy. :-)

    Love your work BTW!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing! I think mine was set so my photos could not be blogged(?) ... but I clicked on your link, and now they can be. Thanks again!!!!!!!!

    Hugs, Sara @ thesplitstitch.com

  7. Thanks for that link Carina! I hadn't checked my privacy settings since I read this post (one of my embroideries was one of the ones you apparently couldn't blog about), but I probably wouldn't have found that setting on my own anyhow.

  8. Is there a way to 'favorite' this gallery? It's wonderful and I want to visit it again!