June 4, 2012

Beeton's Book of Needlework: 154. Sandwich Case Pt. 4

Hullo everyone! Sorry to have been gone so long and not updating on this project. I actually delivered a baby boy last month and have been on mommy duty since :-) And now that we have finally settled down with our new routine, I can go back to my Monday posts here on Feeling Stitchy.

For those who are just seeing this now and would want to make one, you can check out and get the patterns from: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Back to our little sandwich case. We got the embroidery and beadwork done:

Next up, I transfered the design unto the fabric. I used a picnic table cloth that I found for cheap as the lining fabric since I could not find any oil cloth here. You don't have to transfer the design onto the lining, just baste them together like so:

Then next I started on the scallop stitches using two threads. 

Then I cut them out to prepare for the button-hole stitch. (Sorry for the change in lighting, these were taken at night):

I used two threads of black for the button-hole stitch. There's grey threads sticking thru on the top part, so it might have been better to use three threads. But I already find it thick as it is so I will continue using two.

And this is where I am at after a month and half and a one baby later :-) I will post the finished Sandwich case on the Embroidery pool on Flickr this week and next Monday tackle a new project!

P.S. Yes, the embroidery is not centered, it happened when I transferred the design :-( Something I really have to watch out for in the future. I am comforting myself by saying, "That's its charm." 


  1. This looks extraordinary! I'm so impressed by your ability to transform the vintage pattern into a wonderful, functional work of art.

  2. Congrats on your new boy! Good to have you back :) I wouldn't have noticed about the design not being centred if you hadn't said, if that makes you feel better :) 

  3. The design is lovely and I REALLY appreciate the photos showing the scalloped edging. I've never seen it done before and it's giving me wonderful ideas.

  4. Congratulations on the baby! This piece of work is stunning!!!

  5. Thank you Irene!

  6. Thank you everyone!

  7. Glad to know that Olisa, would love to see what you create!