November 22, 2012

agulha não pica giveaway: and the winners are...

Olá! Today I'm very happy to announce the winners of last week "agulha não pica" giveaway.

The first winner is "Ali M" and the comment was: "I think of all the beautiful things I like the Japoneira needlework kit best, I always over embroider things, never know when to stop, so I love the beauty and simplicity of it." She will win this kit:

Japoneira Embroidery Kit
Embroidery kit with pre-stamped Japoneira Portuguese traditional pattern by agulha não pica
Japoneira Embroidery kit
Japoneira embroidery kit - work done!
The second winner is "Jody C" and the comment was "What a fun shop you have! I love "all things embroidery" but my heart reaches to the heart embroidery. The color and the fill stitches grab me. I am just teaching my 4 year old granddaughter to embroider. She sits on my lap, and together we stitch in and out with red floss. I know she'd love a kit of her own to make. The cork beads -- love that natura"
As asked, Jody C will receive this embroidery kit!!

Viana's Heart Embroidery kit
Embroidery kit with Viana's heart pre-stamped pattern by agulha não pica
Viana's Heart emboidery kit
Viana's heart embroidery kit - work done!
I promised that I would choose one of the comments about my shop and the author would win a special gift... This was not a random choice... It was MY CHOICE!! And my first choice was the comment made by Arundhati: I love love love your ETSY shop. It gives wonderful insight into Portuguese art life. At the same time, we can use embroidery into our life in different ways such as necklace and book cases which I had never thought of. Very artistic and one of a kind. Love it

Arundhati will receive the material she will need to make an embroidered book cover made of cork fabric...
Supplies to make a book cover made of cork fabric
All the material needed to embroider a cork fabric book cover and make a book marker with cork beads
Embroidered cork fabric book cover
Embroidered book cover made of cork fabric - see tutorial here and free pattern here
But It was a hard choice... And the other comment that made my choice so hard was: The thing I love the most about your ETSY shop is the fact that we can choose between your amazing Portuguese products, materials, such as your cork beads and scraps, or your embroidery kits, that allow us to venture in this fantastic world of crafting.

And as so, Teresa Perdigão will win this burlap embroidery kit with Christmas patterns...

Christmas set with four pre-stamped patterns on burlap
Thank you all for your kind words about my shop and my products...  And I loved to know that some of you were already in Portugal. For those who haven't, next week will continue our trip on Portuguese embroidery traditions... Até para a semana (see you next week)!

(Ali M, Jody C, Arundhati and Teresa Perdigão don't forget to contact me in order to give me your addresses)


  1. O gosh, I'm so tickled to win! Thank you, thank you!

  2. Oooh! Thank you so much, I feel like I'm getting an early Christmas!

  3. Congratulations to you all. I love that Jody C is teaching her granddaughter!!!

  4. Thanks a million!!!! I never thought I would win

  5. Wow, I've actually never seen embroidery on cork fabric! How unique and interesting! I can imagine it'd be very delicate to work with!


  6. Dear Arundhati Sagdeo:
    I don't know how to contact you. I don't have your address and I still have your gift with me!!