November 8, 2012

Portugal - a living museum of embroidery - part III

Ola! This week we'll continue indoors near Estremoz, as it happened last time... You'll see why I say that Portugal is a living museum of embroidery. I've chosen the most colorful pieces of embroidery for this week. Hope you like them!

I found many similar table doilies, all using the same colors but with different patterns. So simple and beautiful...
Very simple piece of embroidery, photo by ZPmoreira
I believe that the photo of this bedside table cover perfectly describes the atmosphere that we live in a "Monte Alentejano" (a farm house from Alentejo)... Of course it is old... And very simple. But so colorful and cosy...

Vintage Stitches
Vintage bedside table cover, photo by ZPmoreira
This tea tray cloth set is one of my favorites... Love the colors and the mixture of free embroidery and cross stitch are simply perfect! I've never seen it before.

Vintage tea tray cloth, photo by ZPmoreira

Do you recognise the stitch used in this colorful table doily? I believe it is bullion knot, embroidered using a traditional technique typical in the North of Portugal and applied when a larger bullion knot is needed. Follow the link and learn how to do it with avo Meri.

Embroidered table doily, photo by ZPmoreira
I end this trip with a very simple embroidery piece... A bread drawstring bag where you can read "Pão" (bread in Portuguese). It's close to another bag, a drawstring patchwork bag, very common in Portugal. Although many Portuguese people never heard about its popular name, in rural areas it is still known as "taleigo" (with some differences on the exact word, depending on the region it belongs to).

This photo was taken at the front gate. And as it happens in many Portuguese homes you are received with a welcoming message in ceramic tile.

Bread drawstring bags - sacos do pão
Bread drawstring bags, photo by ZPmoreira
"Dá-nos Senhor o pão nosso de cada dia" - "Give us Lord our daily bread"

*See you next week... Don't forget to pass by... I have a surprise!


  1. Obrigada Gabriela por divulgares o que se faz na nossa terra. Parabéns, adorei o artigo.

  2. Linda reportagem! Parabéns Gabriela!

  3. Linda matéria...gosto de ver essa espécie de bordado,
    a que certas pessoas dão o nome de bordado saloio...
    Os taleigos são uma tradição de retalhos cá de Portugal, onde o que impera é a junção de retalhos sem nenhuma preocupação com as cores ou os tamanhos, resultando em lindas peças......

    boa semana
    e muito obrigada

    cá de Portugal

  4. I have been moving around quite a bit as an International English teacher and I have my embroidery "basket" with me. You have fascinated me with the arts and colors of Portugal so that I am wishing that my next teaching post will be Portugal. I love the warmth and vibrance of the art and culture. Just wanted to let you know that although I haven't posted since I was living in the Northern Rockies of Montana, USA I am happy to see you in my inbox. Thanks for your inspiation.