February 14, 2013

New Sitches with Portuguese Soul - part V

Olá! This week I bring you embroidered hearts with Portuguese Soul... From three very different embroiderers I've found very beautiful pieces paying a tribute to the importance of the heart pattern in Portuguese traditional embroidery. Today love is in the air...

Of course linen has been the traditional support for Portuguese embroidery. But as times changed new materials were used and Vânia, from The spotless loopuses a very original one... Wood!!! She loves to draw using thread as the pencil and wood as the paper, resulting in a very "textured" and appealing "drawing", a true tactile experience (sometimes a Zen experience, too).

And she went further with that tactile experience with an original collection of braille jewelry. In her words: "creating jewelry for whom can't see but can feel incredible well, was a great experience. "  Follow the links, I can assure you'll also like her work on wall decor and handmade jewelry.

Would you like to know how Vânia embroiders on wood? See here and you'll become aware of what might happen if you try doing the same...

Brooch "Heart of Viana" in blue
Embroidery on wood inspired by Viana's hearts, by Vânia

I have to admit that the most difficult job so far was to choose one photo from Joana's work. I'm a profound admirer of her stitches... Maybe because it's so easy to identify the influence of Portuguese traditional embroidery and culture but still her embroidery is completely different from anything we have already seen.  No doubt her stitches have a Portuguese soul...

Joana uses embroidery, buttons, and crochet to make necklaces, brooches, and headbands.
I love how she can be as great in simplicity as with profuse stitching, in blue, in red or using bothShe is a great photographer and an inspired designer, too. 

Once again I don't know how to explain why I've chosen this photo to illustrate Joana's work, but I believe my heart was touched by that heart and the fiancé kerchief, both so typically Portuguese.

What else can I say? No words would be enough... I know you will not resist to browse her blog- Jubela, follow the link!

Embroidered heart and fiancé kerchief, by Jubela

We can't trust Felizarda's word when she says she isn't a great embroiderer. I believe she is a very inspired stitcher. All her hearts are so charming that each one is more beautiful than the next. That's the reason why I've chosen this photo with so many of them... Could you choose only one? 

They are inspired by different types of regional Portuguese embroidery and even when she uses different techniques, love seems to be her primary inspiration.

Sometimes she mixes her passions: embroidery and patchwork and the final result is beautiful, especially when she uses it to tell a story: do you know "Little Red Riding Hood"?
Felizarda's hearts, in her blog
And "with love in the air" I've finished this series of New Stitches with Portuguese Soul... And I'm so proud of all the great embroiderers I've found!!!


  1. Such awe inspiring stitching. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Have enjoyed your journey and thanks for introducing Portuguese Soul to the blog.

  3. Adoro o trabalho dela! Obrigada pela partilha! :)