February 7, 2013

New stitches with Portuguese Soul - part IV

Olá! One more week proudly showing the work of inspired Portuguese embroiderers...

Maria João says that detailed and delicate works make her happy... And her embroideries tell us exactly that... Her cross stitch,  blackwork and shisha bracelets are gorgeous... And her felt creations are full of precious details. Browse her brooches (don't forget the butterflies) and her small purses, you'll love them!! But I've chosen a very special pattern. Our beautiful Portuguese "japoneiras". In her blog, erratic needle, she explains everything about it...

purple "japoneira" brooch
Japoneira brooch by erratica needle

This was the first embroidery hoop project of Dorinda, from Mãos e Manias (hands and manias). She was challenged to use the hoop as a frame and she thought that it reminded her of a little aquarium... The mother of pearl fish button was the perfect choice and I love how she combines felt and ribbons. Such a sweet aquarium... But she uses her needle in many other projects giving them original applications, like brooches, boxesbarrettes and organizers

My little red fish
Aquarium embroidered by Dorinda

These beautiful embroidered slippers are made by Teresa Cunha, who has no computer nor internet access. But no problem with that as her marvellous work is shown to the world by the artist Ana Ventura. I remember the first time I saw them and how long I took to view one after the other... All different, each one more beautiful... I love the simplicity and the details of some... The autumn look or spring look of others... I love the linear and the rustic looking and the colors' choice... In blue or using the most sweet color, they are always charming!

#56 sold
Embroidered slippers by Teresa Cunha, photo by Ana Ventura
Next week I'll end "new stitches with Portuguese soul" with love in the air...

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  1. oh, those slippers are wonderful ~ I went to her flicker page and it's amazing what she's done! Beautiful!