April 27, 2013

New Embroidery with Vintage Patterns, April round-up + good-bye

Hi everyone! As usual I'm back again on the last Saturday of the month. However, this time, instead of sharing an interview with you I'll be saying my good-byes. I've been honored to share interviews & stories with you about the stitchers in the New Embroidery with Vintage Patterns Group who keep vintage embroidery patterns alive by creating new embroideries with them. Feeling Stitchy has been a great platform to share the vintage stitchy love with everyone and I'm so glad to see that many new people have joined our group and have become smitten with vintage embroidery patterns! However, my non-stitchy hobbies are occupying more of my time right now so I need to step down from the responsibility of my monthly posts here. I really hope y'all have enjoyed reading the interviews I have shared. As always, I invite you to join our New Embroidery with Vintage Patterns group -- other group members will take on the task of organizing monthly stitch alongs for everyone to participate in! This isn't a forever good-bye, it's just a see you later ;)

Thanks again for reading my monthly posts!

Here are some of the beautiful stitcheries that were done for the April SAL.

Earth Day Pattern Mash-Up

April Stitchalong Work in Progress Squirrel - pattern from morg 71 for April Stitch Along Close-up of embroidery on infinity scarf - pattern from LoveToSew for April Stitch Along


  1. Ahhh maannnnn. I don't comment often but I have enjoyed your posts and round-ups. Thank you!

  2. Oh, so sad! :( I enjoyed your posts, and will miss you.

  3. Enjoy your non-stitch hobbies....smile. Will miss your post.

  4. So long for now. Thank you for sharing so much.

  5. Thanks for sharing beautiful stitchery with us... We will miss you... !

  6. So sorry to see you go, Beth. You have done so much for this group and I know we will all miss you! I'm remembering how you helped me when I was trying to post some little articles about embroidery threads and was having trouble figuring it out. You won't be forgotten!

  7. Take care in the non-stitch world!
    Thank you for sharing these, I love using the vintage in new, fun, unexpected ways!

  8. Thanks for all that you've done, Beth! I've appreciated your posts and all of the work you have done organizing contests and stitch alongs. We'll keep the group going and do you proud.