November 4, 2014

#crafttheparcel - envelope quilt block (free pattern)

Feeling Stitchy was very kindly asked by InPost UK to take part in their #crafttheparcel, you may have seen my tweets about it on Feeling Stitchy's twitter account. The idea was for each blogger to make a quilt square, could be anything, a traditional quilt block, applique, knitting, you name it and each week the growing quilt would pass from blogger to blogger via InPost. InPost is a new service in the UK and as someone who gets quite fed up of waiting in for couriers (and post office counter queues!), I think it could be quite handy. The idea is that you leave your parcel in one of InPost's lockers, with a prepaid label to the nearest InPost locker of the person you're sending it to. InPost then pick it up and take it to the new locker and your friend / relative / customer, gets a text message to say that the parcel is ready to be picked up, along with a special code to allow you entry into the locker.

For my quilt block I decided to go with a post theme to match the idea of #crafttheparcel and I made an applique, openable envelope, with a little 'letter' inside with an embroidered quote from Phyllis Theroux, which I thought was quite apt.

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.

If you would like to make your own envelope and letter, you can download the pattern and tutorial here for free (personal use only). You could embroider the quote or maybe something else that is important to you. We'd love to see what you made!

And if you would like to see what more blocks get added to the quilt (there are actually two of them going round at the moment), don't forget to check out #crafttheparcel on Twitter.

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  1. What a lovely idea for a square! I'm taking part too but I'm in the other group, really looking forward to getting involved, I think that it's a wonderful idea.