February 9, 2016

Stitchy Snippets - Embroidered Minatures

The contemporary embroiderer, Sophia Narrett, is currently in residence at Lux Art Institute in Encinitas which will conclude in an exhibition. 'The show will consist of new work made on site, as well as some of the embroideries I have created over the past few years.' says Narrett.

For many years Narrett focused on painting and she found her preference for embroidery by serendipity. 'I just love working with the material' Narrett explains. 'I began making art as an oil painter. I struggled because I was always more interested in the idea of an image rather than in physically working with the paint.'

Narrett finds much inspiration in pop culture and her most recent work was influenced by her favorite TV shows, which are a constant influx as she sits before them and works on her embroideries: 'I watch a lot of TV — or listen to it while I sew. I love long-form narratives. Reality shows or dramas that go on for a while.' 'This Meant Nothing' is a four-part sequence inspired by the popular TV series 'The Bachelor'. Sophia adopts the means of a film set and re-creates real TV characters to illustrate her own fantasy narrative. Her childhood affection for doll play is ever present and is led into an adult world through erotic themes.

The layers and interplay of thread in the embroideries add even more detail to Narrett's incredibly complex compositions. The embroideries are hung inches away from the wall creating natural shadows and the pieces are each given an organic, formed frame with threads that cascade and dance drawing the viewer in.

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