December 27, 2019

Project a Month: Monogram on Cork Fabric

This project is one from the archives - let's travel way, way back to October 2017 - I had just been happily married and was busy working at a project that ultimately didn't see the light of day. It was a seasonal monogram, stitched on DMC gold flecked cork fabric, with DMC perle cotton.

The season was winter, and the letter was "D" simply because I'd stitched A for Spring, B for Summer, and C for Fall - the letter meant nothing to me personally.

I was happier than I'd ever been, married to the man of my dreams, the one I thought would never arrive, and we were just settling into our new life and new apartment together.

Monogram on Cork Fabric

That is why, in this photo you see nothing hanging on the walls, things in quiet disarray, as if recently unpacked. I'd just gotten a shiny new desk, all white, and set to work on this project.

I might have never found these photos again, had I not been looking for photos of my sweet cat Dot, after she passed away in October.

Dot supervises :)

All at once, the quiet, happy scene came back to me, and these photos were a time capsule of calm and our beautiful happiness before the storm set in - before either of us were sick and I stitched, and Dot supervised me from her sunlit slumber on our bed - she lay just where she could see me stitching.

I pulled out the project as I was grieving for Dot, and found it languishing in my bin of unfinished business, and all at once I saw the letter "D." D for Dot.

Monogram on Cork Fabric

Monogram on Cork Fabric

What this project meant to me is this - there is so much beauty in what is happening in this very moment, right now. All around us are lights and treasures, and beauty to be taken in and seen.

Monogram on Cork Fabric

We never realize how lucky we are until we have these moments to look back and discern our utter blessedness.

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