March 5, 2010

We won... Gold!

Feeling Stitchy is the....

That's right, readers - in case you hadn't checked, thanks to all of of your votes and support, we won Gold in the Handmade Olympics, Fave Handmaking Blog category! We received 2 generous prizes: gift certificates to the lovely Etsy stores The Peach Tree and Pom Love....

Since this blog is all about celebrating you and inspiring you... you're going to get one of the prizes! The other prize will go to one of our randomly selected, hardworking Feeling Stitchy bloggers.

Wanna see your prize? Do you? Do you? Well, here it is - a $50 gift certificate to the lovely Etsy store Pom Love:

"vintage quilt"

Kirsten creates gorgeous, diaphanous, wire-hung mobiles of paper scrumptiousness that can be all yours, if you win this prize. :) I can picture her creations hanging in a baby's room, or floating aloft above a special party or just decorating the air in your favorite craftspace, inspiring you.

"punch drunk love"

To win a prize, leave a comment with a link, telling us:

What's your favorite Feeling Stitchy post / find from the past year?

Edit: At 11:30 PM, ET, Sunday night comments will be closed To give you a little more time to respond, you have until 8 AM, on Monday morning to comment!

I'll randomly select 1 winner to receive the $50 gift certificate to Pom Love! I'll also randomly draw the name of 1 Feeling Stitchy blogger to receive the $50 gift certificate to The Peach Tree. Thanks everyone, for voting for us and showing your support, and leave a comment so we can share the love! :)

Edit: 8 AM, Monday morning - comments closed! Winners announced soon!

Hi, I'm floresita, editor of Feeling Stitchy. I'm an avid stitcher, knitter, and crafter. You can see more of my stitching on Instagram and my blog. My vintage transfer collection is on Vintage Transfer Finds.

Feel free to email me with any ideas for the blog!


  1. For me it's a toss up between this really cool ship or this cute baby modeling a birdie tee. That baby's expression is the best! But I think the ship might win out in the end since it's such a great realistic portrait.

  2. how cool! congrats! I love the Beatles Help! post from January. LOve the Beatles!

  3. Have to admit, I'm completely over the moon about finding Follow the White Bunny's designs through this blog. I adore them SO much! (I'm also pretty partial to that Mendocino Mermaid y'all featured.)

  4. The recent 'A post for my friend' for your friend Shane - that post took this blog from being a teacher-student relationship to a friendship for me. Now I know you're cool and we'd get along. Let's go get a slurpee.

  5. A well deserved & hearty "Congratulations!" to all the wonderful bloggers of Feeling Stitchy! I enjoy everything from the tutorials to the fabulous pictures of the various projects. It was very difficult to pick just one post, but since I had to choose I'd have to go with the 06/18/2009 "Random". I think Carina is an unbelievably talented artist (as are all the bloggers) & that her project is basically what Feeling Stitchy is all about...let your needle and imagination do the walking =) Thank you all for your invaluable contributions to the embroidery community.

  6. It took me two seconds to decide: It's the post about the embroidered headboard. I go to it again and again to dream...

    I WILL make it!

  7. this is my absolute fave... because sassy manatees are just plain funny, yo! :)

  8. It was hard to pic but I just love this Fall tree... Such great colors and stitches...

    Thanks guys for all the amazing stitchy goodness!

  9. I'm only new to all of this (like within the last 48 hours) and it was this post: Blossoms

    That inspired me to pick up a needle and just do what my heart wants. Thank yoU!

  10. Those pom poms are absolutely gorgeous!

    There are so many finds to choose from it's so dificult to pick a favourite. But recently I absolutely loved the April Showers pattern. It's beautiful.

    Nerys x

  11. Mine, with out a doubt is :

    It opened my eyes to a whole new idea and outlook of what embroidery can be. It was like opening the curtains and realizing there was a bright sunny world outside :)

    Thanks, Morgen

  12. crf_kitty's geometric flower sampler still haunts me... Someday!!!

  13. Only just found you, but looking forward to following what you are up to in the future, and picking up tips along the way. Love what I have seen so far and am looking forward to doing some embroidery myself. I was given the Sunshine Award and would like to pass it on to you. If you would like to accept it, just have a look at to see what you need to do.

  14. I came across your blog about a month ago and read the whole thing!!!! Now I follow--like a stalker--he he. I made a note to try out several things and it was hard to pick a favorite. I love the Darth Vader "Honor thy Father" post but I will say I think my favorite is the sweet kitty in a party hat. Congrats!!

  15. Great giveaway. Just found Feeling Stitchy about two months ago, and I love to visit often to see the huge variety of work you post. Favorite so far is the baby face in the flower by Bo Betsy. I have been trying to perfect an outline of my little one so I can turn her into a flower.

  16. This is really hard. I love so many of your blog posts, and even though I am a new reader (since Feb., I think), I have read many old posts!
    I discovered my love for French knots (I didn't know the term before...) from your blog through these posts:

  17. I like soooo many of the designs or posts featured last year and always, but I love the green spring lady and I love the 50 states stitchery series, and so many more! Congrats on the win!!!!!

  18. its incredibly hard to pick a favorite because i adore 90% of the stuff i see on here, but......
    i pick the stitchy valentines you posted-
    because it made me pull out all the postcards and vintage cards and thing i had stashed away. now i have lots of new projects in the works!

  19. Such pretty pom-poms!
    I loooooooooove all the inspiration I get from here! I love seeing such diverse crafts. It really opens my mind to different possibilities! But I guess my favorite post would be the tutorial about how to embroider something from a photo you had recently.

  20. My favorite is definitely Georgette the Mouse stitched by bookwormbethie, posted Tuesday, July 14, 2009. I loved, loved, loved checking Feeling Stitchy out every day but it was the post of her work that took me from adoring stitchery to actually doing it! Thank you so much! I've been stitching since. Note: I must add that I still check Feeling Stitchy at least once a day! Happy Stitching!

  21. Congrats!! My favorite posts have been less about the awesome stitching, and more about the brilliant subjects--Darth Vader and the sippy cup, and The Man from Another Place (Nov). Don't know how I missed THAT one the first time, but that was really. really. awesome.

  22. I'm a big fan of sea creatures and such and I absolutely loved the Mendocino Mermaid
    Another thing I really enjoyed was the tutorial on how to turn a picture into an embroidery pattern - I had been meaning to figure it out for myself when that post came along.
    Congrats on the award!

  23. This is my favorite blog everrrr (EVAH!) so this was a toughy. But I'm going to say that the "Hearts" post from Dec '09 is my favorite. This is so sweet and I'd love to do this one day, maybe a silhouette outline of my husband and me. And of course the red hearts. I love this post AND idea!

  24. Okay my absolute favorite find from your blog have to be the "I love your bike riding butt" embroidery from valentine's day

    and I also really loved your laptop stand

    CONGRATS on winning the gold!xxoo

  25. My favorite of the past year was the post called Donna Robotica. It was so amazing. Grr, so many to choose from it's difficult to narrow it down to just one.

    From this year that robot post just won my heart.

  26. Finding this blog was the best thing for me this year! I immediatly read all the posts. Particularly I love the girl walking the dog in the rain embroidery pattern which was posted recently, as I've been walking my dog in the rain a lot recently!

  27. Congratulations on your award! I think one of the posts featuring Carina, like... my favorite. I love her work and have since subscribed to her blog.

  28. Awesome! Congrats :)

    Most recently, it's been Pinup + Cards:

    I was inspired to make an pinup-embroidered laptop case for my boyfriend, which he loved :)