March 1, 2010

Embroidery Project - - - Shower Mitt Template

Scrubber Taps

Did you all make your twisted cord? It's going to be the cord to loop your shower mitt over the taps...see?

It's OK if you didn't, it only takes a couple of minutes.

I've got another homework assignment for this week.

These soap saver shower mittens are utterly fabulous. I made one a couple of weeks ago from an embroidery sampler and one from some vintage linen tablemats too. They don't take too long to stitch or make up so that puts them fairly & squarely on the gift list.

Apple Green Scrubber

Personally I love the cheeky "scrubber" but you might like to use your own design, something vintage or maybe a Sublime Stitching pattern.

I've included the Scrubber template & a blank one too.

Scrubber Template Scrubber Blank
NOTE: These are the "fronts" for right handed mitts. If you're a leftie & you especially want your embroidery to be on the front of the mitt then you should trace the mitten part with the thumb on the other side.

All you need to do is download & print the "original" of the template of your choosing & then trace it onto some linen, calico or thrifted sheeting with a wash out marker. Trace the mitten shape as well as the text (or just the mitten & fill it with your own design). Please be aware that this traced shape will form our "pattern" for next week & we'll be stitching ON this line, so don't stitch your design too close to it.

Original Scrubber here.
Original Blank here.

During the week you can stitch your design & I'll show you how to assemble the whole thing next week...sound good?


  1. Cute!! Cute!! Cute!!

  2. Oh, I can think up some good subversive stuff to embroider on there. heehee "Scrub your arse" etc

  3. Ha ha ha! I'm liking these ideas! :)