April 29, 2011

Something old, something new...(and a giveaway winner too!)

Goodfella Clown

Brilliant! Poppy (Experimentl on Flickr) added a quote from the movie Goodfellas to this vintage pattern making it quite a nasty scene all of a sudden! The clown alone creeps me out a little bit anyway...but his pom pom made with a Turkey Stitch is a nice touch! The Turkey stitch is a fun stitch and quite easy to master. Check out this video tutorial by Di van Niekerk to see how it's done!

Moving on to the Sewn by Hand giveaway winner. Thanks for all your stories of the stitching/knitting/embroidering you all do in public. It was fun to read that lots of crafting actual takes place outside the house, even if it's only on the porch. :)  Random.org chose Erica as a winner! Erica said:  "I do some hand sewing when finishing some of my needlework projects, but not a ton of it. I have to admit that I just got a brand new sewing maching and I'm rather enjoying playing with it! (...)"  Congratulations Erica! Please contact me at follow the white bunny [ at ] e-tropolis [ dot ]  nl  and let me know your full name and address.

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