September 30, 2012

Alabama Chanin

This isn't so much a specific pattern this week, more sort of a combined 'go check out these books people' / total awe at the patience, commitment and talent of someone who's actually made something from one of them! For those who know the work of Alabama Chanin, the gorgeous dress above is instantly recognisable as being one of her patterns, in which case, if you're anything like me, you bow down in awe at someone actually having the patience to make one of these dresses because as gorgeous as they are, eek, all that hand sewing! For those that don't know Alabama Chanin's work, yep, that dress is all hand sewn, all of it. So a massive wow at Soul_sister's work, always great to see embroidery on something other than a hoop.

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  1. Songwriter, author and girl singer Rosanne Cash is a huge fan of Alabama Chanin; that's how I first learned about her. Follow Rosanne on twitter @RosanneCash to read more.