September 24, 2012

Priscilla Embroidery Pattern: Play Apron Pt. 1

Hullo everyone! Finally finished converting the play apron pattern and ready to start and share the project with you all. As mentioned in the last post, our project is a play apron from the Priscilla Embroidery Catalog (Fall-Winter 1915-16) of Priscilla Needlework Co.

It is my first time to make a pattern spread out on many pages, so I apologize if you find it a bit confusing and not user-friendly. As I still work on developing that skill, here are step-by-step photos instead of getting it all together :-)

The pattern for the apron comes in 5 pages, with the first page being the overview of the whole design and notes the pattern pieces (the letters). I did not make a pattern for the strap as it seemed like it would be better if it was made to fit the lucky child who will have the apron after :-)

1. To begin, DOWNLOAD THE PDF PAGES and print out.

2. Cut the pieces as shown below (you may do it however you feel comfortable, just make sure there is space for sticking them together). You may cut the sides by following the line, but do not cut the scallops on the line as this will be hard to transfer the design on your fabric later on. I chose to leave space on the right side of pattern A, whilst trimming B completely. Pattern C gets an allowance on top and the right while D gets trimmed except for the top part.

3. Place your glue as shown and stick the pieces together (B to A and D to C).

4. Now place your glue as shown below and attach together.

5. Your pattern piece is done! Each pocket must be traced on separately, the only pattern that you embroider on the apron itself are those of the two little elves on top. But we will tackle this next time :-)

In the catalog, the apron is tan linen, but I do not have such (as usual!) so I will be using some muslin (the ones I use to draft dress patterns). It also states that the thread colors are green, brown and yellow, so here goes!

Have a lovely week ahead everyone! 


  1. Thank you so much for working all of this out and sharing it! I can't wait to make some of these for Christmas gifts!

  2. What is it in the pocket on the left (in the pic)? It looks like a ruler. Wouldn't that would prevent any sitting down while wearing the apron? The pencil pocket might do the same for a smaller child. Maybe it should be made shorter. I have printed the pattern and taped together and it is almost 10" wide. Is this correct? I am wondering what age/size child is this meant to fit?

  3. Very cute.:)I can not wait to see it finished.:)

  4. The pdf is locked. What is the password? So very cute.

  5. You are very welcome!!

  6. Thank you! :-)

  7. Hi Robin! Yes, it is a ruler pocket. As I have not tested it yet, not sure about the sitting down! Will find out soon. Yes, it is around 10" wide. I scaled the pattern based on a 12" ruler as it seemed the pencils in the photo are the regular sized ones. My son is an average-sized 4 year old and so far, when I held the apron up, it looked okay. But we shall see when it is done and the rulers and everything else tucked in if there will be difficulty. The proportions of the pattern have been traced exactly as on the drawing. Hopefully, when this is done, we can figure out what age/size this is most fit for :-) thank you for pointing these out!

  8. Hi Katie! Robin got to print these out, but I will check to be sure all is well k!