September 16, 2012

Patterns - (NOT SAFE FOR WORK) States of undress

Just to warn you, the pattern featured below, although perfectly tasteful (and some may consider a little tame) contains nudity and therefore if that is not your thing, you may wish to skip the pattern post this week.

So to shamelessly rip off Mr. X Stitch's NSFW Saturdays, do not go below the cute picture of baby flamingos (who knew they were grey? who knew they could sit on their knees like that? awwwww) if nudity offends you (everyone is going to think this piece is far more graphic than it actually is now!).

London zoo

We did warn you

States of undress

States of Undress by sewclever

I love sewclever's stitching of these vintage patterns from vintage embroidery pattern superstar Brian Campbell's Flickr stream. You can find the patterns here and here (I also particularly love the Made in Hawaii pinup in the second link).

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  1. How scandalous!

    I just found this blog from Flickr, and it looks like an awesome site! Keep up the great work.

    -ErinLess B*tching, More Stitching!