May 23, 2013

Girls' stitching

Olá! Continuing on last week's theme, Child's day celebration... I bring you this week an idea that you can try with girls, I would say girls older than 8 years old... I believe that at this age it's very important to choose projects that they can use in their daily life...

Last month I've coordinated a workshop with some girls and boys... The girls were all 9 years old and they told me they would love to make a hairpin! The boys were younger and not so enthusiastic about having a new hairpin. :)

Some time ago I developed a kit to make an embroidered hairpin using, as always, Portuguese materials and patterns. I adapted motifs from this book and burel or cork fabric were the materials chosen. These are great materials, not only because they are Portuguese, but above all because they don't unravel, what makes them very easy to work with.

Hairpin made of burel
Embroidered hairpin in burel
With these girls I "re-adapted" the motifs, making them easier. The most difficult part was transferring the pattern. Burel is very similar to felt... I used the same technique as explained here, embroidering through both tracing paper and burel. I have to admit it was not too easy, but they managed to do it all by themselves.

Proud of their hand embroidered hairpins
GIrls and their handmade hairpins
They were very proud with the results and all the color choices worked really well. Mothers loved the final work, too. You can't see their faces, but believe me, they were smiling!!

Girls and their handmade hairpins
Proud girls...
Last week I was with my younger daughter and we met one of these girls, I hadn't noticed, but my daughter told me: "she's using her hairpin"!!! 

I hope this can inspire you to make a project with your girls, and please let me know if they liked it!!!

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