March 26, 2015

Thimblenest Thursdays: Twisted Lazy-Daisy Edge Stitch

In two weeks I'll be bringing you another project tutorial. As I started pulling that post together, though, I realized that I didn't know a great stitch to give it the finish I wanted. After searching in vain for an edge stitch that: 

1. accommodates a curved edge 
2. could be used for joining two (preferably knit) fabrics together
3. and provides a dressier touch than something like blanket stitch, 

I decided to invent something I'm calling "Twisted Lazy-Daisy Edge Stitch". By outlining the steps for this stitch here today, my next tutorial won't need to include directions for that project and this stitch. By the way, I found this post helpful in developing the directions below.

Here we go . . . 

For the purposes of this tutorial, I'm joining the circle above to the square. 

Mark dots around the inside of the circle, spacing them your desired distance apart. The dots indicate where the top of each stitch will be. For this circle, my dots were 3/8" (0.95 cm) from the edge of the circle; I eyeballed the distance between each dot. The next time I use this stitch, I think I will decrease the amount of space between stitches.

Pin the circle to the square and thread your needle. In these pictures I used three strands of embroidery thread, but two worked fine during some of my practice runs.

Bring your needle up through the square fabric right at the edge of the circle, and directly below one of the dots.

Insert your needle back down through the fabric slightly to the left of where you brought the thread up, and continue back up through both thicknesses, coming up through the dot.

Continue pulling the thread up until just a small loop remains; stop short of pulling the thread taut. Twist the loop one turn to the left.

Above you can see the difference between a stitch that is twisted and one that is not. I felt that adding a twist added a little more finesse, as well as strength to the edge of the fabric that is being secured.

Now, just like with lazy-daisy stitch, bring your needle up just inside the top of the loop, holding the loop in the general area of the small dot; then go back down through the fabric just outside the top of the loop.

Bring your needle back up just above where you twisted the loop and then go back down just under the twist. One stitch is complete!

Begin the next stitch by coming up at the edge of the circle in line with the next dot to the right. Continue stitching until you have completed a full circle. I'll be back in two weeks with a fun project that uses the Twisted Lazy-Daisy Edge Stitch; see you then!

Hi, I'm Wendy - I've been embroidering since age 9 when my grandma gave me some blank tea towels and a set of Aunt Martha’s transfers. I blog at ThimbleNest.

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  1. 26, 2015 at 9:06 AM

    Excellent demonstration clear to see thank you.

  2. Awesome post Wendy! Can't wait to see your project using this stitch! :)

  3. That's a neat idea -- I would never have thought of it! Thanks for sharing! :)