July 10, 2015

Friday Instagram Finds No. 12

On today's Friday Instagram Finds I'm introducing you to Erica from the Instagram account @bookstackbobbins. Like me, Erica is a Librarian by day, and a maker by night. She blends her day job into her art by using old cards from the card catalog to make adorable jewelry. She also uses the inherent hilariousness of Dewey to make super cheesy pickup lines embroidery.


Oh my goodness! I hope you find this hoop as funny as I do, and it's not a case of me being a geeky Librarian with a strange sense of humor!

A-men! The older I get, the more true this sentiment becomes true.

Oh, boy, can I relate to this one! My son is constantly mumbling! He gets so annoyed with me when I can't understand what the heck he's saying.

I am a huge Dolly Parton fan! Since I saw her in 9 to 5, she's been one of my favorites. My parents went to Dollywood earlier this week, and I asked them to get me a Dolly souvenir - I hope they did. This hoop spreads the Dolly love.

That's it for this week's edition of Friday Instagram Finds! Join in the conversation by commenting below. While you're on Instagram checking out Erica's work, make sure you follow Feeling Stitchy! We'd love for you to stop by and say hello.You can find Feeling Stitchy on Instagram under the handle @feelingstitchyish

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