July 25, 2015

Interview with Katya

Today, I have the pleasure to introduce you to Katya, a Ukrainian artist whose beautiful embroidery projects I stumbled onto on Flickr. Her lovely "sketchbooks" are filled with embroidery sketches as detailed and lovely as drawings or paintings. Let's meet Katya!

The Raven in progress

How did you learn to embroider? Are you self-taught?

My Grandma loved to sew and mend things. Her name was Evdokia. She tried to engage me in different crafty activities but I was hopeless as a kid, and lazy :). Though I guess I was always surrounded by people who loved creating handmade things and about 4 years ago I started my first project (it was a simple cross stitch kit).

Antique Scissors II

Is there a particular style of embroidery or embroiderers that appeal to you most?

My dream is to master gold work and luneville (or tambour) embroidery. This autumn I’m planning on a visiting a local school of embroidery that offers these courses.

I am a big fan of embroidery done by Michele Carragher. She is creating amazing pieces for different TV series. She always inspires to learn more and apply different techniques. Right now I’m working on the project "The Raven" that was inspired by Michele’s works and by Game of Thrones. Honestly, I do not know when I will finish it. Ideas keep coming during the work :).

What inspires you to embroider?

Inspiration comes from different places. It can be a creepy TV series like Hannibal, or wallpaper prints with an interesting design of the forest. Lately, I’m into birds and everything related to birds :).


Do you do your work in a studio or special place? Do you think your surroundings are important to your process?

I do not have a studio. But of course as any craft person I wish I had one. I work at home. It’s a sunny place (that’s very important to me since I like working with lots of daylight). I have lots of cases, chests and boxes to store threads, needles, beads, fabric. The surroundings are important but I can embroider anywhere :) (while waiting for the train or when I have a break at work).

I followed my heart and it led me to the fridge

Do you sketch, paint, or do any other artistic pursuit?

Sometimes I sketch but usually I work with the illustrations and photographs I find on the web. I love creating collages. The latest project: fairy-tale characters living in a modern city.

If you could meet any other artist, embroiderer, or crafter, who would you like to meet?

I would really love to meet Michele Carragher :). Also, it will be fun to visit Royal School of Needlework in the UK.

Hannibal Lecter.  Eat the rude.

Do you enjoy any other “crafty” pursuits like knitting, quilting, etc.?

I like sewing little things like pouches and textile brooches. Though many of them are not finished yet. That’s the problem – I jump from one project to another :).

Do you exhibit your work, have a shop, or sell your work in any way?

In a week I’m planning to participate in a charity fair dedicated to helping people with HIV. And I don’t have problems with choosing presents for my friends’ birthdays. I do not have a shop but I’m thinking about opening an online shop.


For more on Katya, visit her Flickr stream.

Thank you for this view into your world and art, Katya!

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