July 30, 2015

Thimblenest Thursdays: Summer/Winter Stitchalong, Week 5

And here we are at Week 5 of the Summer/Winter Stitchalong and the letter M! I don't think that mushrooms are necessarily an autumn thing, but I thought they would look cute on the finished banner, so there you go!

Grab this week's pattern for the letter M and let's get started!

I took a quick look back at all of the letters so far, trying to balance the colors and stitch styles so that everything will be cohesive in the final banner. 

Some of my thread skeins are starting to dwindle down, but there are plenty of colors left. Here's what I did:

The M was outlined in chain stitch using DMC 721. The inside of the letter was stitched using the herringbone stitch in DMC 3852. This was the first time I'd tried herringbone, and this video from Nancy Corbett was especially helpful.

The mushrooms were all embroidered in stem stitch using different combinations of DMC 721, 3852, 327, and 350. These little fungi could be stitched in many different ways using a variety of fill stitches. 

I'll be back with the final letter in A-U-T-U-M-N in two weeks. And remember, we're always glad to see your embroidery work on Instagram #feelingstitchy or in the Flickr Group!

Hi, I'm Wendy - I've been embroidering since age 9 when my grandma gave me some blank tea towels and a set of Aunt Martha’s transfers. I blog at ThimbleNest.

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