June 6, 2016

MooshieStitch Monday: Padded Satin Stitch Flower

The padded satin stitch is an easy way to add a raised effect to your embroidery. There are different ways to add the "padding", but I decided to try it with felt first.

Here is how I created the flower:

I roughly drew simple flower petals on felt. I chose a felt that was the same color as my floss so it would be more forgiving in case I had any gaps in my satin stitch.

Cut out the flower petals and attach to your fabric. I stitched a small little straight stitch on each petal to keep them in place.

Satin stitch over each felt petal.

Cut felt leaves and attach onto the fabric.

Satin stitch each leaf.

Once complete, I added some yellow french knots in the flower center.

Up close you can see the puffy raised effect of the padded stitch.

Don't know the satin stitch? Check out this how-to.

This video tutorial is another method for the padded satin stitch.

And finally - I had to share this blog post of amazing felt padded embroidery I found on the Hanging by a Thread blog!!

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