April 29, 2010

Black inspirations

Black inspirations

Here I am again, with another non-official color of the rainbow. But, after seeing the amazing things you guys do with blackwork, black fabric, and black threads, I must say I'm feeling the black magic. I love black - it goes without saying - but there's something about using the color black in embroidery that makes the work that much bolder and more dramatic...

Are you a fan of the blackwork, too? If it was down to one color for you... out of all the colors you've seen... and maybe one more surprise color... tomorrow - could you pick one?

Enjoy the black magic by the creative stitchers below:
1. Universal GillMan by SheenaRamone
2. Orion Embroidery by piddlipoo
3. wolf by fionabearclaw
4. not good enough by beefranck
5. blossoms by racaire
6. coinpurse by lifepieces
7. Black Rabbit Quilt by badbird
8. Finally finished by Mrs Gibson's Atelier
9. Blackwork Robin by konnykards
10. Vader Drinking a Pop by Mama Sass
11. Elizabethan Cross Stitch by whimsyandcharm
12. because I love you by Sarah Blick

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  1. I'm stitching a project on black right now! just a pain to see the white tracing lines sometimes as they brush off easily X( worth it though as the effect is so striking.

  2. Loving the last one by Sarah Blick... & the previous pink & purple posts... my fave colours!

  3. I, unfortunately, am un able to pick just one. I love all the colors, all the shades or all the hues. Oh, and when you combine them all together, oh happy day! I guess I would have to say the rainbow is my favorite :)


  4. Yeah these colors are just too fun! I don't think I could pick just one, blue, maybe red, see, can't do it. ;)