April 20, 2010

Mini Quilt Month on Whip Up

Have you been following along with Mini Quilt month over at Whip Up? To celebrate the release of the new Whip Up Mini Quilts book, the team has been featuring mini quilts and quilt artists all throughout the month of April.

Here's a little more information taken from Whip Up's introductory post:

Mini Quilts have been around for over 100 years, and served a couple of different purposes. They were a fun way for young girls to learn how to sew, sewing simple quilt designs for their dolls. They also were also a great educational tool that mothers and grandmothers could make for their children and grandchildren – these often had letters or motifs appliqued or embroidered onto them. I find it wonderful that mini quilts are still made today, as teaching/learning tools and as play things. And now added to these two uses comes a third – as pieces of contemporary art.

For your viewing pleasure, I've curated a small collection of quilts that have been featured so far and incorporate an element of stitching or embroidery into the overall design. They're great inspiration pieces for combining the two mediums of quilting and embroidery into art pieces that can accentuate your home decor.

Which one is your favorite?

Photo from Flickr user paddlefish

Photo from Flickr user joybucket

Photo from Flickr user mrsmcporkchop

Made by Flickr user Katie Aaberg, who also blogs at Made by Katie

Photo from Flickr user CB Handmade

Photo from Flickr user mamacjt

PS. You can see one of my minis featured here. It's #12!


  1. Wow, they all look lovely. My fave is the one with dinosuars!

    I am a beginner quilter and I have a question.. once I make my quilt sandwich, how do you get it quilted? Do you go to a quilting store or do it yourself at home?


  2. gorgeous inspiration...thanks for sharing!

  3. I like joybucket's the best - I like the way the idea of a quilt has been used in a frame - very interesting!

  4. Wow, thanks for posting about this, it was kinda fun to go and see a couple of my quilts on there as well =0)

  5. They are so cute, I love mini'quilts.

  6. Hi Sally,

    Thanks for your comment! I have always quilted my own projects. Mini quilts such as the ones featured in this post present a wonderful opportunity to practice your quilting skills -- whether machine or hand. I always machine quilt my quilts. I would advise to start with straight line quilting -- either "stitching in the ditch", or outline quilting. Once you become more comfortable, you can experiment with other techniques like free-motion quilting.

    Good luck!

  7. Hi John
    Thanks so much for discussing Mini Quilt Month - its been so much fun putting it together.

  8. I like the puppy, the dinosaurs and the COLORS which has helped cement an idea I was hatching last night when I should have been going to sleep....

  9. Thank you for replying John. I cant wait to get started :)

  10. I definitely love that little thank you note. I loved it the second I saw it.
    Thanks for the link to the mini quilts. It's something I'm a bit fascinated with at the moment. Checking it out on Whip Up now!

  11. grrr, i'm so behind in my blog reading. These are beautiful! I love mini quilts! I like the "thank you" mini quilt, too cute!