August 14, 2015

Friday Instagram Finds No. 16 with Nicole Hendley

I hope you have all enjoyed your week, and are looking forward to a fun weekend! Today I'd like to introduce you to Nicole of the account @nicole_hendleyhoops. I "discovered" Nicole's work because she tagged some of her pictures with #feelingstitchyig. Nicole uses beautiful fabrics to embroider words and phrases with embroidered floral motifs. I greatly enjoy the way Nicole stages her photos. They are eye catching, and certainly made me stop to take a look.


This is a great picture of this hoop! The staging is so pretty and feminine, with a dreamy quality. The embroidered flowers are so cute with the colors in the sunflowers and bright colors of all of the others. I like how the text, "embrace change" is positioned into the flowers at the top and bottom.

Image By Nicole Hendley

Another super cool staged picture! The fabric and colors are so pretty against the dark floss, "be still." Nicole's stitches look so pretty, and the thicker lines on some of the letters finish the phrase off to really look great. I think the typography in the font is great, too.

Image By Nicole Hendley
These hoops make me so happy! I just love it when artists embroider words and phrases around pictures in fabric. Putting the immortal Ms. Beyonc√©'s lyrics in embroidery with kitties is just plain clever.

Image By Nicole Hendley
This is the kind of picture on Instagram (or anywhere) that makes me stop and take a closer look. The hoop against the sky is so pretty, and the sun is shining so prettily through the fabric. I like the contrast of the dark text against the dainty and muted pastels of the fabric. And the way Nicole placed the text gives it a different and great flow.

Image By Nicole Hendley

Here's a bonus picture of Nicole's adorable Labradoodle Plato

Image By Nicole Hendley

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