August 28, 2015

Friday Instagram Finds No.18 with Sewn by the Beach

This is the last Friday in August, and for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it means that summer is coming to a close. (Does this mean that winter is coming to a close in the Southern Hemisphere?) This makes me unbelievably sad, because I adore warm weather - the hotter, the better! Today, let's take a look at Lauren of the Instagram account @sewn_by_the_beach so that we can extend the summer feeling :)

I found Lauren's account because she tagged some of her photos with #feelingstitchyig. Lauren creates beautiful embroidered pieces and needle felted artwork. Take a look!

These coral necklaces are so unique in these neat pocket watch pendants! The blue felt background is vibrant, and reminds me of the water near Clearwater, Florida. The red of the coral really pops against it.

Image By Lauren Beach
Lauren's toucan is a beautiful piece of art. I have a lot of respect for embroidery artists who fill in all of their work with stitches. I do it sometimes, but not often. When you look at Lauren's feed, you'll see that she fills in most of her subjects.

Image By Lauren Beach
Lauren's ribbon embroidered sunflower is awesome! I enjoy how she used different shades of brown to form the center of the sunflower. By only showing a part of the sunflower, it makes this necklace very visually appealing.

Image By Lauren Beach
How adorable is this fawn?!? Lauren's felted art is stunning. I've never tried felting, don't even know the first thing about it, but it looks like painting with felt instead of paints. The detail that Lauren's able to achieve are stunning.

Image By Lauren Beach
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