August 21, 2015

Friday Instagram Finds No. 17 with Erin McMom

Welcome to your weekly edition of Friday Instagram Finds! Today I'd like to introduce you to @erinmcmom! Erin's embroidery is beautiful, and she has gorgeous and unique designs.


I'm a sucker for typography of any kind, but most especially when it's embroidered. The sentiment of this quote is darling, and I love the French knots made to look like confetti. Staging the photo on a bed of tissue paper confetti is brilliant!

Image By Erin McMenemy
This Home Sweet Home hoops is my favorite of all of Erin's hoops. I love the design, and the colors on the grey fabric stand out so beautifully. Erin's stitches are so well done! They're tiny and tidy.

Image By Erin McMenemy
Isn't Erin's skyline of Vancouver, Canada beautiful?! It's cross stitch, but without any Xs on the Aida cloth. And there's the confetti again! 

Image By Erin McMenemy
When I saw this, and then read that it's a cross stitch globe that Erin created, I was blown away! I mean, WOW! I've never even seen a cross stitch globe before this one. Erin also sewed it together evenly and beautifully. She's got a lot of talent! 

Image By Erin McMenemy

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