January 24, 2019

Project a Month: SeptemberHouse Calendar WIP

Hello all! I'm here to report my progress on the SeptemberHouse Calendar...

SeptemberHouse calendar progress

As I mentioned in my update last week, the calendar kit has sold out. If you like this design I recommend a browse through Corinne's shop - she has many lovely patterns for sale! My personal favorites are her Solar Flare kit, Circus designs, Butterfly patterns and Modern Monograms. She has a beautiful sense of color, and unique color palettes in her designs, which I believe set her apart from other designers.

Up above, you'll see I added 2 new colors to the calendar, DMC 504 and DMC 832, in addition the the two I began with. I chose colors that would echo what Corinne had done in her example photo. I'm not reproducing all of her elements, but I did want to include some, as they are stitched so beautifully.

So, I used chain stitch and satin stitch where she did on this flower, and here I did buttonhole stitch as she did:

SeptemberHouse calendar progress

One thing I love about this project is the chance to try out stitches and colors I might not have chosen on my own, and see how it looks.

Progress on SeptemberHouse Calendar

Next, I added a lovely cherry red shade, DMC 150 which called out to me from my pile of threads. I like the contrast, and I decided I was enjoying incorporating more satin stitch into this piece...

Progress on SeptemberHouse Calendar

Next I tried the Circular Rhodes stitch, in the same spot Corinne did hers - but I'm sure I didn't get it quite right (although I started off well). No matter, I just kept going!

Progress on SeptemberHouse Calendar

Then I added this bright teal, DMC 943 to the leaves, and loved how it looked (although my satin stitch is FAR from exemplary here).

Progress on SeptemberHouse Calendar

I love that bright pop of color and the contrast with the other colors I've used!

Progress on SeptemberHouse Calendar

I used a buttonhole stitch on the bigger leaves in the same DMC 943...

Progress on SeptemberHouse Calendar

Really enjoying how that looks! So, there is my progress so far, hope you are enjoying it, if you're on Instagram, feel free to follow my (somewhat) daily progress at @nyfloresita.


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