March 5, 2009

Best Achievement in French Knots

Shirley Temple Sampler
stitched by Kitschygalore

I thought I'd seen a heck of a lot of perfect French knots when I saw this piece. But then I clicked next and saw:

Domo Kun

Is there an Academy Award for Best Achievement in French Knots? I hereby bestow it on Kitschygalore.

Oh, and psst! Are you scared of the French knot? Try this new French Knot tutorial on the Sublime Stitching site. There's even a version for lefties.

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  1. Shirley is so sweet. My boys would love that "monster". I have been meaning to add a frenchknot tutorial to my own blog - I need to get on that! Thanks

  2. So you like knots? Take a look at Teresa Layman's designs. Filled with colonial & french knots.

    I've seen her models in person. I bought 3 just to get started.

  3. i love domo! that's the kind of french knottery i'd like to aspire to some day!

  4. I am in L.O.V.Eeeee! That Domo is screaming my name :)

  5. I did a bazillion french knots on a Sublime Stitching poodle, and I thought my hand was going to be permanently disfigured. I can't imagine doing that many!

  6. This is wonderful!!

    French knots are just so classy!

  7. these are stunning! I am off to check out the Sublime tute as my french knots really suck! 1 every 10 might be ok but I can't get consistency!!!

  8. these are gorgeous. They both did a wonderful job and I am so jealous cause I can't do a french knot to save my

  9. I love the monster! I want to learn to do french knots fluently. (I've just begun learning to stitch)